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Works for instrumental ensemble: For three instruments

Trivium (1962) 10´

(The three ways)

Piano, percussion and tuba.

Premiere: Duarte Pinto Coelho´s Home, Madrid (Spain), 21.III.1963. Chamber Ensemble. Conductor: Tomás Marco.

Algaida (1978) 8´


Ondes Martenot, piano and percussion.

Premiere: Semaines Musicales Internationales d’Orléans (France), 9.XII.1978. Trío Deslogères (Françoise Deslogères, Ondes Martenot, Guy Teston, piano, Michel Castaud, percussion).

Commissioned by Semaines de Musique Contemporaine d’Orléans (France).

Dedicated to Françoise Deslogères.

Recordings: RNE-SRF

Score: EMEC

Trío Concertante No. 1 (1983) 14´

(Concertante trio No. 1)

Violin, cello and piano.

Premiere: Caja Madrid Auditorium, Madrid (Spain), 16.III.1984. Trío Mompou.

Dedicated to the Mompou Trio.

Recordings: RNE. CD: RTVE

Score: EMEC