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Opera and Musical Theater

Jabberwocky (Antecedentes para cazar un Snark) (1966-1967) 25´

(Jabberwocky (Antecedents to the hunting of a Snark)

Text: Lewis Carroll (Jabberwocky from Through the looking glass) in five languages.

Actress, 4 percussionists, piano, tenor sax, tape, slides, lights, radios.

Premiere: French Institute, Madrid, 23.II.1967. Musical and Theater Ensemble. Stage and musical direction: Tomás Marco.

Anna Blume (1967) 14´

Text: Kurt Schwitters in the German original, Spanish translation by Tomás Marco.

2 speakers, instrumental ensemble (flute, oboe, clarinet, tenor sax, horn, 2 percussionists), tape.

Premiere: Instituto Nacional de Previsión, Madrid, 22.X.1967. Tomás Marco and Ramón Barce, speakers. Koan Group. Conductor: Arturo Tamayo.

Recordings: RNE

Cantos del Pozo Artesiano (1967) 23´

(Songs from the artesian well)

Text: Eugenio de Vicente.

Actress and Instrumental Ensemble (flute, horn, trumpet, trombone, helicon (or tuba), 2 percussionists, violin, cello, double bass).

Premiere: Instituto Nacional de Previsión, Madrid, 25.III.1968. Ana María Drack, actress, Instrumental Ensemble. Conductor: Hilmar Schatz.

Tea Party (1969) 17´

4 vocal soloists (S-A-T-B), clarinet, trombone, cello, vibraphone.

Premiere: Pro Musica Nova, Bremen, Radio Bremen Hall, Bremen (Germany), 27.V.1970. Radio Bremen Ensemble. Conductor: Klaus Bernbacher.

Commissioned by Radio Bremen.

Recordings: RB. LP: Hispavox