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Works for instrumental ensemble: For two instruments

Paso a dos (1968) 8´

(Two step)

2 pianos.

Premiere: Instituto Italiano, Madrid (Spain), 17.I.1968. Carles Santos and Tomás Marco, pianos (performed with the title Juegos Nocturnos, Night Games).

Recordings: RNE

Maya (1968-1969) 10´

Cello and piano.

Premiere: The Hague (Netherlands), 27.X.1970. Pedro Corostola, cello and Luis Rego, piano.

Dedicated to Pedro Corostola and Luis Rego.

Recordings: RNE-SRF. LP: RCA

Score: Moeck Verlag

Miriada (1969-1970) 10´


Guitar and percussion.

Premiere: Darmstadt (Germany), 30.III.1971. Siegfried Behrend, guitar, Siegfried Fink, percussion.

Dedicated to Siegfried Behrend and Siegfried Fink.

Recordings: RNE-BR-RB. LP: Edigsa

Score: Zimmermann