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Works for instrumental ensemble: For five or more instruments

Roulis-Tangage (1962-1963) 10´


Trumpet, piano, cello, guitar, electric guitar, vibraphone and percussion.


Roulis: Madrid (Spain), 13.VI.1963.

Complete: Institut Français, Madrid (Spain), 13.XII.1965. Instrumental Ensemble. Conductor: José María Franco Gil.

Commissioned by Tiempo y Música.

Car en effet… (1965) 10´

(For, in fact)

3 clarinets and 3 saxophones.

Premier: IV Pan-American Festival, Washington (USA), 17.VI.1968. Instrumental Ensemble. Conductor: Enrique García Asensio.

Dedicated to Pierre Boulez.

Score: Salabert

Schwann (Ein Liebeslied) (1966) 9´

(Swan, a love song)

Flute, trombone, piano, violin, viola, cello.

Premier: Concert Homage to Prince José Eugenio of Bavaria, Madrid Athenaeum (Spain), 23.XI.1966. Instrumental Ensemble. Conductor: Gerardo Gombau.

Commissioned by the Aula de Música of the Madrid Athenaeum.