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Works for solo instruments: Piano

Hai Ku (1995) 2´


Premiere: CAM Auditorium, Alicante (Spain), 27.IX.1995. Ananda Sukarlan, piano.

Commissioned by Cecilia Colien Honegger.

Dedicated to Cecilia Colien Honegger.

Recordings: RNE

Score: Cecilia Colien Honegger

Farruca (1995) 6´

Premiere: Luxembourg Radio Television Auditorium (Luxembourg), 9.II.1996. Humberto Quagliata, piano.

Dedicated to Humberto Quagliata.

Recordings: RNE-RTL

Score: Danbert

Elogio de Vandelvira (1998) 8´

(Praise of Vandelvira)

Premiere: Auditorium of the Conservatory of Music, Jaén (Spain), April 1999. Participants in the 41st Jaén International Piano Competition.

Commissioned by the 41st Jaén International Piano Competition, 1999.

Dedicated to the memory of the architect André de Vandelvira  and to the people of Jaén.

Recordings: RNE. CD: Premio Jaén. CD: Verso

Score: Jaén Provincial Authority