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Solo instruments and orchestra - Page 2

Concierto Guadiana (1973) 15´

(Guadiana Concert)

Guitar and string orchestra.

Premiere: The English Bach Festival. Church of Saint John’s Smith Square, London (UK), 5.V.1974. Timothy Walker, guitar, Orchestra of Saint John’s Smith Square. Conductor: Cristóbal Haffter.

Dedicated to Siegfried Behrend.

Commissioned by the English Bach Festival.

Recordings: RNE-SRF. LP: RCA. CD: Koch-Schwann

Score: Alpuerto

Concierto para violonchelo y orquesta (1974-1976) 19´

(Concert for cello and orchestra)

Cello solo 2 –1 (cor anglais)-2 (bass clarinet)-0. 0-0-0-0, 3 saxophones, timpani, percussionist, strings.

Premiere: Homage to Pau Casals, Palau de la Música Catalana, Barcelona (Spain), 14.V.1977. Lluis Claret, cello, City of Barcelona Orchestra. Conductor: Antoni Ros Marbá.

Dedicated to the memory of Falla and Casals.

2nd International Award, Casals Centenary.

Recordings: RNE

Score: Alpuerto

Concierto Eco (1978) 23´

(Echo Concerto)

Amplified guitar and orchestra (3 flutes)-3(cor anglais)-3 (bass clarinet)-3 (double bassoon), 4-3-3-0, timpani, 3 percussionists, harp, strings.

Premiere: Smetana Theater of Prague (Czechoslovakia), 19.IX.1980. José Luis Lopátegui, guitar, Prague Radio Orchestra. Conductor: Frantisek Vajnar.

Dedicated to Narciso Yepes.

Commissioned by Czech Radio.

Recordings: RNE-CSR

Score: Suvini Zerboni