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Opera and Musical Theater

Recuerdos del Porvenir (1972) 19´

(Future remembrances)

No text.

Version I: Tape and lights on pictures by Juan Giralt.

Version II: Voice, tape, light and action.

Premiere: Pamplona City Walls, 26.VI.1972. Plastic version by Juan Giralt and Fernández-Muro.

Recordings: RNE

Selene (1965-1973) 50´

Libretto by Tomás Marco.

4 vocal soloists (S-A-T-B), Men’s Chorus on stage, Women’s Chorus with the Orchestra, Internal Band, Orchestra (flute, clarinet, 4 saxophones, 3 percussionists and strings).

Premiere: Madrid Opera Festival, Teatro de la Zarzuela (Madrid), 14.V.1974. María Orán, Anna Ricci, Julián Molina, Antonio Blancas, actors, Spanish National Chorus, Spanish Radio and Television Orchestra. Stage director: Rafael Pérez Sierra. Conductor: Odón Alonso.

Commissioned by the Juan March Foundation.

Recordings: RNE

Score: Alpuerto

Llanto por Ignacio Sánchez Mejías (Sinfonía coreográfica en cuatro cantos) (1984-1985) 40´

(Lament for Ignacio Sánchez Mejías - Choreographic Symphony in four songs)

1. La cogida y la muerte 2. La sangre derramada 3. Cuerpo presente 4. Alma ausente

(1. The goring and death 2. The streaming blood 3. The body present 4. The absent soul)

Ballet .

Violin and cello solo and orchestra (2 (picc)-2-2-2. 2-2-2-0, harp, piano, timpani, 3 percussionists, strings).


Symphonic Version: Teatro Lírico de Cagliari (Italy), 22.XI.1986. Teatro Lírico Orchestra. Conductor: José Ramón Encinar.

Danced Version: Teatro Nacional Doña María II, Lisbon, (Portugal), 27.V.1998. Companhia Nacional de Bailado, Portugal, Lisbon Metropolitan Orchestra. Choreography: Rui Lopes Graça. Conductor: José Ramón Encinar.

Commissioned by the Directorate-General of Music and Theatre for the European Music Year.

Dedicated to Isabel García Lorca in memory of her brother.